We want to provide community users and their loved ones peace of mind just in case for emergency situations.

Our Aims

The First Point Community Portal is an online, secure, password-protected database of consenting people who may be living with identified difficulties, such as dementia, physical or mental health disabilities or perhaps an older person who may be living alone.

Through the Portal, we hope to better the first point of contact between people who need additional support in the Isle of Man community and emergency services personnel, in crisis situations. We want to make sure loved ones are informed as soon as possible and emergency personnel are aware of the unique needs of each registered person.

The First Point Community Portal allows community members or their loved ones with the community member’s consent to create profiles with details about the person that are relevant in emergency situations. Emergency personnel will then be able to search through profiles in a separate, secure site linked to the portal.

We hope First Point will help emergency personnel identify the person sooner, help bring the person to a place of safety sooner, provide better care for the person, and allow emergency services personnel to contact loved ones sooner.

Who We Are

Lorna Trevethan, MBA
General Manager
Isle of Man Community Platforms

Lorna has been in business for over 20 years, including 10 years within the charity sector on the Isle of Man, managing two charities during this time. One of these charities involved working with Older People, supporting them living in their own homes for as long as possible. As part of this role, Lorna helped set up a Digital Pilot to help bring technology to older people. This pilot has now been established as a long term project. The experience gained in working in the charity sector has been invaluable in supporting Alexandra and the setting up of First Point.

Alexandra Koyfman
First Point Community Portal Project Lead

Alexandra is a Master's degree student at University College Isle of Man and began working on this project as part of a degree-based work placement with PDMS. While still pursuing her degree, Alexandra also manages the First Point day to day tasks while seeking to bring real world potency to her student project. She brings a degree in psychology, HTML skills, and previous experience as a volunteer consultant for two charities to the First Point team. She has been named the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence Young Achiever of the Year 2018 for her work on this project!