How to Sign Up


Creating and Confirming an Account


Please note you will need an email address to create an account. If you do not have one, please register for an email address or contact one of our charity partners for support.


Near the top of this page, there is a Register/Login button that takes you to



From there, click on Sign In near the top then Sign Up.


When registering, please ignore the third box.

Then, please confirm the account through email.


3 Steps to Creating a Profile Searchable by Emergency Services Personnel


Sign in to the First Point Community Portal.


After this, there are 3 steps left to create a profile searchable by emergency services personnel:


  1. Create a profile and save each profile page.


Go to the Profile tab and fill out the Your Details, Other Details, and Emergency Details pages. Please save when done completing each page.






Only name and date of birth or ticking that you are older than 16 is required for a profile; however, the more information you are comfortable providing, the better emergency services personnel might be able to respond to an incident you are involved in.

We especially recommend uploading a picture of yourself as long as you are comfortable with this as this is one of the most important ways emergency services would be able to identify you.

(Please ignore the fields NI number, Personal Statement, and Personal Website in Your Details. Fields related to charity membership in Other Details may be visible on a person's profile at a future stage of the First Point Community Portal project.)


  1. Apply for the Emergency Information Programme


Search for First Point Isle of Man in the bar at the top.


In the search results, click View next to the First Point Isle of Man organisation.


Click Programmes. Then click Join next to Emergency Information Programme.

Please fill out the consent form and click Send.

PDMS will accept you into the Programme as soon as we can after you click Send.


  1. Change Privacy Settings


This step can be done before being accepted into the Emergency Information Programme right after clicking Send to apply.



Go to Account near the top of the page. 


Then, click Privacy.

Then Edit.

Then tick the box 'Share details with programme admins' and click Save.

(Programme admins are only emergency services personnel.)


If you need further help, please contact 01624 664000 or [email protected]!


You have now created a profile searchable by emergency services personnel!